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Capita has been selected by Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) to deliver wide area connectivity (WAN) to over 400 NHS sites in the Essex region. 

The five-year contract is worth £5.7 million, with the new service starting in September 2018, with a 12-month implementation from Autumn 2018.

The award of this contract will see EPUT moving to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) from the legacy N3 network. Capita will deliver connectivity between hospitals, NHS clinics and GP practices. 

Capita's network solution will provide over 400 sites with increased bandwidth, and more efficient access to the NHS N3 legacy applications and the Internet. With their secure network this will deliver lower running costs as well as potential value-added services including NHS Wi-Fi, Secure Remote Access and Voice.

Capita is an experienced provider of IT networks and this contract further reinforces our strategy. We look forward to using our technology capabilities to add value and efficiencies for NHS sites across the region.

- Joe Hemming, Executive Officer at Capita IT and Networks

This contract represents the largest HSCN contract to date, and the first NHS Digital Collaborative procurement awarded. It is aligned to Capita's strategy to deliver Health solutions which drive efficiencies and improvements for its customers, leveraging its extensive experience of providing large scale network services.

Mark Madden, Executive Chief Finance Officer and Resources Officer, Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We need a reliable and robust connectivity solution to deliver enhanced connectivity. We are confident that this implementation will enhance the user-experience for our employees and enable greater interaction and sharing of resources between our sites in the Essex region."

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