From administrative healthcare to direct clinical healthcare we are innovating to drive improved health outcomes

Our expertise in healthcare

Healthcare providers must continue to deliver high standards of services against a backdrop of huge spending cuts and continued change in power and scope of responsibilities. 

From innovations across digital transformation, system integration, service improvement and more we are at the forefront of delivering measurable and impactful change for over 95% of NHS Trusts and over 300 million people around the world, that we support every single day.

Overcoming healthcare’s three main technological challenges

Doctor Charles Young, Senior Medical Officer at Capita, highlights the three main areas of impact and improvement for the healthcare sector. From the optimisation and digitisation of administrative processes, to the importance of healthcare communication and the challenges surrounding data management.



Shaking off the silo mentality and embracing the future of healthcare communication

David Farrell, Healthcare Sales Manager at Capita, provides an insight into how technology is driving important changes happening within the healthcare sector and how Capita is enabling the flow of data within healthcare organisations and providing secure, stable and safe infrastructure.

Innovative, cost-effective solutions for the healthcare sector

Gareth Ricketts, Healthcare Business Development Manager at Capita explores some of the key challenges faced in the healthcare sector that impact on clinical practice and outcomes, identifying some tangible, cost-effective solutions that NHS organisations can utilise to mitigate risk.


How we can support you

We are a leading provider to healthcare organisations, working with over 95 per cent of NHS Trusts each year, and we support the care of over 300 million people around the world, every single day.

Working in partnership with our customers, Capita dramatically improves patient care. From clinical expertise, systems and process design, health intelligence and reporting, to innovative technologies that enable the digital transformation of vital systems and services to optimise healthcare efficiencies and operational effectiveness.  We can bring these elements together in the form of a strategic partnership to help support and develop your organisation, services and processes.

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