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Beyond 2020: welcome to a future of unimaginable opportunity

A multitude of forces are at work in the global economy today, but nothing is galvanising change as quickly and as entirely as technology.

It’s not just changing the world of business, but the way we behave politically, economically, and as a collective society. It’s a highly democratising force and with over half the world’s population now connected to the internet, it has revolutionised the way we share knowledge – and power.

This is the time, the moment for business leaders to embrace these unimaginable possibilities.


Top tips for CEOs who want to be ready for the future

When it comes to digital transformation, success means being able to adapt and fast.

Future Focus provides insight from business experts around the world on how to take on this challenge. What does digital leadership mean? How can businesses address the challenge of digital literacy? Does cybercrime really present an existential risk to my organisation?

And how can businesses cut through the noise of digital to build trust?

Watch our video and hear their top tips for the C Suite and why the only wrong action is inaction.

Good IT investment is about making the right choices, not the easy choices.

- Mark O'Connor, CIO at Capita IT and Networks


Turning digital disruption to competitive advantage...

Digital Literacy

How do we approach the digital literacy skills gap? How do business leaders enable continuous learning? And can we really all become data scientists?
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Customer Trust

How do you ensure your digital channels don't create a barrier between you and your customer?
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Cyber Security

Is the increasing cost of cyber security sustainable for businesses - and what is the price for those who don't invest?
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Digital Leadership

Why you have to 'get digital to be digital' - and why hands on, practical experience is essential to understanding the impact of new technologies
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world beyond 2020 whitepaper cover

What are the 7 key questions business leaders should be asking?

The future is clear. In this sea of digital change, continuing to operate in the same way every day is like treading water just to remain afloat. Business leaders must act to survive.

Our report, 'Beyond 2020: helping you embrace transformation' outlines the 7 key questions business leaders should be asking of themselves and their teams.