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Create a productive environment for your people – a workspace that is sustainable, flexible and secure.

Buildings and employees are the two highest costs for any organisation. Smart building technologies help support hot desk, mobile and remote working, giving staff a greater level of flexibility; simplifying access to technology, increasing your staff productivity; and most importantly, providing stringent security measures so your people can work in safety.

This means you get the most value from your real estate while ensuring your employees have a comfortable environment that supports their ability to work effectively.

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Our intelligent systems are everywhere – from our own headquarters to submarines and premiership football grounds.

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Customer story

A new way of working at Capita's headquarters 

At Capita, we wanted our HQ to be a fantastic environment for our people – one that would foster innovation and creativity. That's why we've invested in this smart building.

Naturally, most of the technology was installed by our own team. But the real value is in the improved outcomes for our employees, who are enjoying improved mobility, collaboration and motivation. 

We're proud of our new headquarters and all the benefits it brings – find out more about what we did by watching our video. 

Meet our expert

Expert insight - Paul Thomas

We’re moving away from a very short term cost focus, to longer term impact for people who work in those buildings.

- Paul Thomas, Head of Presales and Propositions at Capita IT and Networks

Product overview

Smart buildings overview

A smart building is built on a single structured cabling infrastructure and converged data network to connect all of its key components to the internet.

Everything from digital signage to networks, from AV to security, can be managed intelligently. What’s more, data on all these components can then be collected and analysed to help you make better decisions.

Read our overview to find out what benefits your business could enjoy if your buildings were smarter.  

Product portfolio

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Audio visual

Collaboration, interactive screens, speaker systems, screen mirroring

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Including fully-compliant public WiFi services and Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions (WIPD)

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IP CCTV, network analytics, video analytics

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Access control

Converged credentials for Identity Management with biometrics

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Digital twinning, realtime control & preventative maintenance

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Software analytics

AI-based usage insights, analysis and intelligence reporting


10 key drivers for the smart buildings of tomorrow

Smart buildings pose a fundamental challenge: how to create for the future whilst restrained by legacy infrastructure.

In this report, we look at what the drivers are for smart buildings and how businesses can address this conundrum so they can realise the many benefits.

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