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A multi-cloud strategy is the lynch pin behind digital transformation.

Today's pace of change is relentless. As businesses explore digital transformation, they need an environment that is inherently flexible, where they can test, innovate and fail fast, while still supporting core applications and protecting mission critical data.

Cloud is right for everyone but not for everything. Cloud platforms have different strengths, whether in the technology and services they offer, or in the way they are delivered. With organisations becoming more cloud aware, businesses need to exploit the best that each platform has to offer, going beyond cost savings to consider scalability, agility, security or even sovereignty.

Did you know...

Capita hosts over 1Pb of data on its private cloud platforms.

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Customer story

 Capita SaaS reduces patient waiting times for Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health sought Capita’s expertise to identify a solution to manage, share and store patients' images and radiological reports in a safe and efficient manner.

Capita developed a new software-as-a-service solution. This allows vital patient data to be viewed from any location and on any device, meaning a consistent, reliable approach to data sharing. Patients’ privacy is protected and delays in accessing patient data are reduced.

Meet our expert

Expert insight: Giles Hawtin

By 2020 two thirds of all workloads will be in public cloud.

- Giles Hawtin at Capita IT and Networks

Product overview

Cloud Infrastructure overview

Every customer is at a different stage on their journey to the cloud. We take a consultative approach to understand which blend of services are best for you, from discovery services, through to migration support, through to managed services around multi-cloud platforms.  

What's more, we own and manage six highly secure UK datacentres, which means we can offer guaranteed data sovereignty – vital for government and tightly regulated organisations or for protectively marked information up to and including secret, or for data assessed at high impact levels.

Product portfolio

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Private cloud

Including PaaS and IaaS platforms

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Public cloud

Built on Azure and AWS platforms

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Datacentre and hosting

Co-location, Managed Hosting, Storage, Public and Private Cloud

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Secure storage, backup, business continuity and disaster recovery options

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