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Each year Nuffield Health performs over 300,000 diagnostic imaging examinations across its national network.

We’ve been working closely with Nuffield Health since 2013 delivering a managed Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Clinical Radiology Information System (CRIS) and Independent Clinical Archive (ICA) service across its 33 sites in the UK. 

In 2017 Nuffield Health sought our expertise to identify a solution to manage, share and store patients images and radiological reports in a safe and efficient manner.

What’s involved?

We developed a new software-as-a-service solution - enabling radiology consultants to view patients’ medical images and other related data from any location and on any device.

As the images can be displayed instantly on portable devices such as tablets, it allows clinicians to share images with patients and colleagues without having to print them. This eliminates the possibility of misplaced or lost images, frees up staff resources and removes costs associated with film, chemicals and storage.


Nuffield Health’s clinicians now have secure access to any of the data held within the Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), regardless of device – all they need is an internet connection.

Consultants and clinicians are now empowered to provide the efficient diagnoses and resulting treatment for patients, providing better care and achieving better patient outcomes.

Nationally, Nuffield Health have gained clear improvements in the stability and consistency of their PACS & RIS solution.

Local sites have gained the benefit of remote access to images as well as greater statistical analysis of their department workflow, allowing all their Radiology Managers efficient monitoring and reporting of their performance metrics. 

All these benefits have directly led to an improved quality of the service provided to patients.


Case study details

Customer: Nuffield Health
Industry: Healthcare
Solution: Cloud 

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