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Case study details

Customer: C2K (Education Authority)
Industry: Education
Solution: Cloud

One destination Capita


We provide an innovative area-wide ICT service to 1,100 schools in Northern Ireland for C2K, at the heart of which is Europe’s first and largest education cloud solution.

What's involved?

The service provides schools with flexibility, innovation and tools to enable access to online and traditional learning resources. 

At the centre of the solution is the Capita Education Cloud, which integrates public and private cloud services with local school based resources – providing a secure ICT environment.

Locally based delivery teams monitor, manage and support the ICT service and school ICT infrastructure, from system and network monitoring to operations management, foreseeing issues and proactively resolving them to ensure minimal disruption to the teaching and learning environment.

A core element of the cloud service, is Capita’s My-School, a web based platform that delivers personalised learning and single-sign on to school based services, applications and systems.

We also provide a unique, secure wireless solution for schools, delivering the highest level of online safety to pupils and teaching staff, while providing the freedom to access learning and appropriate online resources.

350,000 Learners
30,000 Teachers
1,100 Schools in Northern Ireland


The service is continually delivering industry leading learning and teaching opportunities including:

  • Learning without boundaries from any device with an internet connection 24/7.
  • Provision of the highest levels of online safety while improving the choice of devices and learning resources.
  • Ongoing improvements that support collaboration and communication between schools.
  • Secure and easy access to a range of learning resources and platforms.
  • Minimal disruption to teaching and learning with proactive monitoring and management of school ICT infrastructure, resolving issues before they impact the classroom.
  • Investing in the development of new solutions to provide the latest technologies as they emerge in the education market.

What's next?

We continue to work in partnership with C2k and the Education Authority to deliver, manage and extend the range of new and emerging technology services provided to schools.

Our team of education specialists offer added value services to promote the use of ICT in schools and engage with the education community. This is achieved through an annual awards programme and quarterly innovation forum meetings with education stakeholders.

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