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Netherwood Advanced Learning Centre opened in 2012 and educates 1,100 11-16 year old students. The organisation needed support exiting from the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ (BSF) Programme, transitioning from a centralised IT managed service back to the school. 

We designed and delivered a tailored IT support service to provide Netherwood flexibility and cost savings, and several IT infrastructure projects to optimise the learning environment. 

What’s involved? 

We delivered remote monitoring of the network infrastructure, servers and hardware, on-site senior technical engineer days, third line support calls, training for the school IT team, a staff mentoring package, a dedicated point of contact for reviews and advice, and service management against SLAs and projects. 

The on-site engineer days were allocated by the school during the first month of go-live, with a Capita engineer onsite every day to provide early life support for the new decentralised infrastructure and to support the onsite IT team. 

We also support Netherwood with a number of IT infrastructure and development projects to create a more reliable IT environment. These include migrating the school’s licensing to Microsoft Enrolment for Education, setting up a Virtual Private Network to enable remote support, a new firewall and filtering solution and a Microsoft security solution to protection students and staff from online threats, the migration from legacy servers to new servers, and a new secure backup and storage solution. 

An IT skills audit was carried out and the IT team at Netherwood engaged in our online learning to develop their CPD training plans. We also help the team choose the right hardware at the right price to meet their requirements. 


The tailored IT support service provides peace of mind and flexibility to changing needs, and allows Netherwood to only pay for the services required, saving them money to invest in other important areas of education. 

The implementation of Microsoft Enrolment for Education is also achieving significant license cost savings while also enabling compliance. 

Proactive monitoring and alerts assist in the minimisation of downtime, ensuring no disruption occurs to the students’ learning experience. 

Case study details

Customer: Netherwood Academy
Industry: Education
Solution: Infrastructure, IT Services

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