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Cyber security is about more than defending yourself from hackers. It’s a cornerstone for any organisation transforming for a digital future.

The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically, with the pace of change showing no signs of slowing. Hacking has become an industrial enterprise, there’s been a rapid surge in ransomware, and both individuals and businesses are daily targets.

Despite all the risks, robust and cost-effective cyber security is possible. It not only makes your business safer, but delivers key competitive advantages through agility, customer trust and secure remote working.

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Capita block 1,000,000 spam emails every month from entering school systems.

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Product Overview

Cyber security overview

Capita offers an end-to-end cyber security service that can sweep your business to find the gaps before plugging them fully, robustly and cost-effectively.

We ensure our customers can protect their networks, staff and customer data online, and mitigate the threat of cyber-attacks.

We help our customers plan for when unexpected digital or physical events do happen, giving them the resilience to keep their businesses on their feet and enabling them to recover rapidly.

Meet our expert

Expert insight - Chris Peregrine

Passwords are the classic weak link in the security infrastructure.


How education is key to outsmarting cyber criminals

Your organisation’s defences rely on each and every member of your staff.

So what’s the point of big cyber security spend when one click from an employee could ruin your reputation and cost you millions in seconds?

Get our insight guide to learn:

  • What the threats are
  • Why investing in education is key
  • How a lack of organisation-wide digital hygiene is a recipe for disaster

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