In 1982, at Pittsburgh’s prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, a problem was discovered: the Coca
Cola from its sole vending machine kept running out. After much consideration, a simple solution was
found. It was connected to the University’s internal systems and students could check remotely if there
was any soda left.* Thus the first IoT solution was created.

In the intervening years this technology strategy has led to some outstanding achievements: connected
beehives have helped us understand and address the reasons behind the collapse in bee population;
sensors are used in the homes of the frail and vulnerable to monitor their daily wellbeing without being
intrusive; eCall in cars automatically calls the emergency services in the event of an accident, saving
precious minutes; flood sensors are used to predict and help prevent flooding by the UK’s rivers. Slowly
but surely, IoT is changing our very society, touching every part of our lives.

And business is no exception.

How, where and if IoT can help your business is entirely down to the problems you want to solve.

But here are some simple facts. Apply IoT to the right problems and it will:

  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Improve your bottom line

In short, your business has everything to gain. If you'd like to discover more, download our Internet of Things brochure below.