Cloud solutions are entering the market which enable digital inclusivity for everyone within an organisation, regardless of how complex and multifaceted it may be. These solutions bring corporate provision of IT services to colleagues that are more in line with their personal digital experiences of self-service, access from any location and from any device.


What can you expect

This event is for executives responsible for digital transformation within their organisation. It will identify how you can put technology at the forefront of your business strategy and introduce new models of IT that are flexible and scalable to maximise your return and efficiency.

  • Simplify and accelerate the move to Windows 10 & Azure
  • Improve support services for remote and mobile users
  • Implement self-service and automation to reduce costs
  • Remove the headache of legacy apps
  • Take a significant step forward on the cloud 'journey'


Join us for an agenda packed with insights on how you can deliver the digital workspace your employees will thrive in and network with your peers as we head to enjoy refreshments on the roof terrace at the end of the day.

2:00pm – Arrival and welcome

2:30pm – Introducing the user-centric workplace where mobility, communication and user experience the key watch words

3:15pm - Microsoft insights and update

3:45pm - Citrix digital workspace

4:15pm - Break

4:45pm - Accelerate your digital transformation with Cloudhouse Containers

5:15pm - Building a business case for moving to the cloud

5:45pm - A demonstration of the next generation of Workspace including optimisation and IoT

6:15pm - Networking with canapes and refreshments on the roof terrace

7:30pm - Close

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