Cloud solutions are entering the market which enable digital inclusivity for everyone within an organisation, regardless of how complex and multifaceted it may be. These solutions bring corporate provision of IT services to colleagues that are more in line with their personal digital experiences of self-service, access from any location and from any device.

This event is for executives responsible for digital transformation within their organisation. It will identify how you can put technology at the forefront of your business strategy and introduce new models of IT that are flexible and scalable to maximise your return and efficiency.

  • Simplify and accelerate the move to Windows 10 & Azure
  • Improve support services for remote and mobile users
  • Implement self-service and automation to reduce costs
  • Remove the headache of legacy apps
  • Take a significant step forward on the cloud 'journey'

Delegates will benefit from an agenda packed full of valuable insight and takeaways. We will be uncovering more insight from our CIO Research Report investigating the strategies for increasing agility, the challenges facing CIOs and how they can overcome them.

Each attending organisation will qualify for a free workshop, with an independent strategy consultant to examine business challenges and the 'art of the possible'.

To find out more about the event and how to register, visit the Workspace Agility website.