How do you make sure you stay in charge? The robots are coming, or in other words we are facing increasing automation and digitisation in a wide range of applications. But what does that mean in accounts payable? A discipline with complex processes, many of which are automated, but with a requirement somewhere in the process for humans to be a key element.

Indeed, humans are ultimately at the heart of all of this. The sole purpose of GDPR is to protect humans, their identities and economic and personal interests. If you are involved in any way in processing data which concerns others, which in accounts payable it’s hard to get away from, you will need to be thinking about any possible consequences.

At Capita we’ve been thinking long and hard about this and are delighted to have been given the opportunity to share and present our knowledge at the Accounts Payable Association’s annual conference at the Birmingham Events and Conference centre on the Monday 15 October.

The event will see over 250 accounts payable and peer-to-peer leaders gather for a full day of educational content, networking and sharing ideas. This is a great opportunity for you to experience the skills and knowledge that Capita has in this area which is so valued by our clients.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘The robots are coming: embracing technology and change’ and our presentation has echoed this by pointing out that humans still are the key element in any situation or process and we’ve chosen to call it ‘The Robots may be coming, but the humans are still in charge’.

The presentation will seek to raise a discussion around GDPR, what it is, what it does and what’s happened so far since its introduction in May this year with a particular slant on the application to accounts payable, what the challenges are, how to meet those challenges and plot a course towards GDPR compliance and beyond.

There has been a number of data losses since the introduction of GDPR. In September 380,000 British Airways customers were affected by a substantial cyberattack, and recently an attack on Facebook compromised the accounts of 50 million users. There have been a number of fines levied by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), but we will be looking at other, less expected, effects that the regulations have had.

If after the presentation you’d like to find out more detail you can come and find us at our stand where we will also be demonstrating some automation technology that may help you with your GDPR journey.

Read our event page for more information about the APA Annual Conference and how to connect with our security team.