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Some say consumers have never had it so good. In seconds, they can check the price of practically any product on the planet, order it and have it delivered to their door – sometimes in a matter of hours. And all this from a device that fits in their pocket.

It’s levelled the playing field for brands, which means many have had to move away from competing on price alone. Today, organisations that provide the most seamless experience – across channels – will win.

You need data, and they need trust

Meeting a customer’s needs means understanding them. And proper understanding starts with good data.

As we move about our digitised world, we generate an incomprehensible amount of data – data which provides valuable clues to help improve services. Customers are aware of the value of this data to organisations, and they’re willing to part with it if they know they’re getting better personalised services in return.

It’s all about a fair exchange of value. A major part of good customer experience is trust. Can your brand be trusted to demonstrate that it uses a customer’s personal data in an obvious, transparent, and beneficial way?

Customers are people, not numbers

A good experience can’t be superficial, either. Many brands have turned to automated services interface like chatbots, but customers still value human interaction. Artificial intelligence is great in some areas – solving the simple, repeatable, low-value jobs – but if somebody wants a problem to be resolved, a human wins every time. And that human interaction could be the difference between retaining and losing business.

Customer data might just be rows and columns to you, but to the people who hand it over, it represents an insight into their lives and personalities. Consequently, they expect you to treat this data with respect. If you don’t use it in a fair, consistent and transparent manner, you show that you’re no closer to understanding what your customers want. And you’ll lose those customers to your data-savvy competitors.

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