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Data science isn't a dark art anyone with the desire to learn can easily master digital skills.

The opportunities presented by big data, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and more, are creating a new competitive landscape.

To evolve and thrive in this market, organisations must invest not just in the right technology, but also the right talent: people who can turn that technology into a business advantage.

Upskilling is essential. People must be at the heart of every digital strategy, and businesses need to prepare for the future today if they want to compete. 

Kathryn Parsons: tech entrepreneur

Kathryn is Co-founder and CEO of Decoded, a technology education company that is upskilling and re-skilling professionals in code, data, AI and machine learning.  

Kathryn sits on the business advisory boards of both the UK Prime Minister and the London Mayor.

We asked her about the challenge of digital literacy in companies, how quickly internal staff can be trained, and the benefits of creating a culture of learning within an organisation.

Find out more about Decoded here:

Be a leader in the digital race: 5 key actions to address digital literacy

The march of AI, robotics and automation, among numerous other developments, is driving an urgent need for a more technically skilled workforce. Successful disruptors will be those that invest in every member of their workforce to get digital.

As we have explored, the role of business leaders is critical in this skills revolution. What starts in the classroom is a life-long endeavour that must be fostered by organisations, and those who lead them, in order to realise the benefits that digital holds for all our futures.

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