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Ditch the idea of digital and immerse yourself in new technologies.

Building a culture of curiosity and disruption is the key to business success.

It’s time for business leaders to stop being hung up on the term 'digital' and focus on the experience that technology today can deliver. The playing field will be defined and dominated not by organisation size or capacity for IT investment, but ‒ much as in the natural world ‒ by the ability to adapt.

Andrew Grill: the practical futurist

Practical Futurist and former IBM Global Managing Partner, Andrew Grill is a top-rated presenter and commentator on issues around digital disruption, social selling, the workplace of the future, emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, digital diversity, personal branding, and employee advocacy.

We asked Andrew how businesses should approach the risk of digital disruption, and the sort of culture and leadership a business needed to not just survive, but thrive.

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Ditch 'digital' to be digital: Five key actions for business leaders

IT is fundamental to delivering a frictionless experience, one that will see your customers coming back time and again.

That is why IT is everyone’s concern. Business leaders need to immerse themselves and their entire workforces in digital if they are to make the right technology decisions and create the frictionless experiences that attract customers and drive revenues.

If you don’t have a strategy that embraces digital, you don’t have a strategy. Now, it’s time to drop the word 'digital' and just get on with business.

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