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Educating your people is the key to outsmarting the cyber criminals.

Cyber crime is accelerating at an alarming rate, and organisations simply cannot sustain the level of investment needed to protect themselves 100 per cent. 

But having the biggest moat isn’t the only line of defence, nor is it the most effective. Awareness is the foundation of robust cyber security, and embedding education into your culture is the best way to protect it against an attack.

Misha Glenny: award-winning investigative journalist

Misha Glenny is an award-winning British journalist, specialising in south east Europe, global organised crime, and cyber security. He is best known for his books including McMafia and Dark Market, which shed light on both traditional and cyber-organised crime. 

We interviewed Misha to get his perspective on the challenge that mass industrialisation of cyber crime poses to organisations worldwide, and whether the increasing cost of protecting critical data is genuinely sustainable.

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From classroom to boardroom: 5 key actions for business leaders

In the brave, new digital world, technologies such as automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are redefining the way enterprises in every sector handle data and do business.  

The opportunities are, if not limitless, yet to be defined. But the opportunities come with associated risks. Ultimately, security is the responsibility of the CEO.

It’s up to the CEO and leadership team to drive investment not only in the security skills your IT team will require today and tomorrow, but also in educating the entire workforce and initiating good security practice organisation-wide.

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