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Today, almost every CIO understands the importance of delivering a great IT user experience to keep their workforce happy and productive. According to research we carried out in 2018, some 95% have digital transformation projects underway that include workplace improvements such as self-service IT support, or the ability to work from any device and any location.

But are their end users feeling the benefits?

For our new report, The state of IT - the employee verdict, we commissioned a new survey of 2,000 UK workers to find out - and the results show there’s still a disconnect between what CIOs want to deliver and what end users see around them.

See our infographic below for a side-by-side comparison of CIO expectations versus reality when it comes to self-service IT support, remote and flexible working, and more.

Are your end users happy with your IT infographic

For more findings from the survey, click the link below to download your copy of the full report.