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Creating workplace solutions to support and empower the workforce of the future

We're enabling flexible and remote working. From ensuring secure access to implementing collaboration tools such as webex and conferencing and high end telepresence technologies.

We can design, build, operate and optimise every form of network service and transform your office with smart building technology. While our end user solutions help you find the best way to give your workforce the equipment, access, applications and software they need to do their jobs. 

Whether we're helping O2 to analyse customer conversations in real-time or giving Haringey Sixth Form College access to collaborative educational resources and communications, we're always looking ahead to make sure we're delivering the cutting-edge technology and expertise our clients need to thrive.

Did you know...

Capita provides the technology for more than 30,000 contact centre agents.

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Workplace IT services


Keeping teamwork at your fingertips.
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Customer Experience

A frictionless experience based on data-driven insights
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End User Compute

AI-driven solutions that improve productivity and user experience.
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Smart Buildings

Drive productivity by creating workspace that is flexible, comfortable and secure.
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