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How IoT can help your organisation is entirely down to the problems you want to solve.

IoT is about the evolution of a new ecosystem – one that brings together new disciplines, including connected devices, data analytics, automation and artificial intelligence amongst them.

This technology strategy has led to some outstanding achievements: connected beehives have helped us understand and address the reasons behind the collapse in bee population; sensors are used in the homes of the frail and vulnerable to monitor their daily wellbeing without being intrusive; eCall in cars automatically calls the emergency services in the event of an accident, saving precious minutes; flood sensors are used to predict and help prevent flooding by the UK’s rivers.

Slowly but surely, IoT is changing our very society, touching every part of our lives. And business is no exception.

Did you know...

Capita is helping schools prevent legionella using IoT temperature sensors.

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Disrupt... or be disrupted

IoT is one of the most disruptive trends facing organisations today. The opportunity to generate new data, new insight, new intelligence is one that no business should ignore. 

This video introduces the Internet of Things, and highlights some of the tangible benefits you, your people and your business can enjoy by adopting this strategy.

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Expert insight: Ross Billington

You can’t just create innovative new ways of working across single authorities. You need to share much more widely.

- Ross Billington at Capita IT and Networks

Product overview

Internet of Things overview

There’s little doubt IoT has become a major disruptor. The question for many organisations is how to gain a foothold so they can ride the wave, rather than be swamped by it. A foothold that makes sound business sense and allows your organisation to evolve.

The breadth of expertise within Capita, and across our extensive group partnerships, enables us to deliver every element of your digital transformation. We can help you forge an IoT strategy that will be secure, reliable and scalable, based on our wide portfolio of trusted networking technologies, and provides you with highly resilient and diverse connectivity to maximise the benefit of your investment in IoT hardware.

Product portfolio

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High speed internet, private lines, MPLS networks across the UK and globally

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Low powered connectivity to minimise battery drain, ideal for IoT connectivity

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Including fully-compliant public WiFi services and Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions (WIPD)

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To detect, temperature, noise, movement and other simple tasks

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Data insight, analysis and intelligence reporting

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