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Capita IT and Networks’ expertise and leadership in the information technology sector provides thousands of customers across the UK industry-leading IT services and expert support knowledge.  

As the UK’s leading provider of IT services, Capita IT and Networks offer consulting services alongside cutting-edge collaborative technology to help customers find innovative outcomes for their businesses. 

We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it. From managed IT services to our IT infrastructure projects, our expertise explores uncharted areas of information technology so that we can continuously deliver the solutions and online collaboration tools our customers require.

Your People


Keeping teamwork at your fingertips.
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Customer Experience

A frictionless experience based on data-driven insights
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End User Compute

AI-driven solutions that improve productivity and user experience.
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Your Technology

Smart Buildings

Drive productivity by creating workspace that is flexible, comfortable and secure.
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Managed Networks

Trusted to deliver critical national infrastructure for the UK.
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Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure that underpins agile, fail-fast innovation
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Unlock new sources of data, make dumb devices smart, revolutionise your decision-making.
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Your Service

Field & project services

Expand your expertise to gain access to a pool of resources with specialist skills to support the in-house team.
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