Transform your network

Cloud-enabled networks for public and private sectors

Cloud drives collaboration and productivity, where your teams can access, edit and share documents anytime, from any device, anywhere, so they’re able to do more together and do it better.

Cloud can also reduce reliance on legacy data centre infrastructure, allowing you to connect to publicly available services and networks by adopting a standard approach, such as integrating Health and Social care through HSCN, or education and research through JANET.

However, the cloud and its capabilities do not exist in a vacuum. To ensure maximum value from cloud, enterprises must examine certain criteria, including the best network connectivity model and service provider to suit their specific business requirements.

How we help you meet the cloud connectivity challenge

We’ve identified five steps to transform your network and become cloud-ready:

  1. Prepare your devices
  2. Ensure your apps are cloud-ready
  3. Virtualise your infrastructure
  4. Assess your bandwidth needs
  5. Define your approach  

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Transform your network: Cloud-enabled networks for Public and Private sectors

Cloud connectivity success made easy

Our latest ebook, Transform your network: Cloud-enabled networks for Public and Private sectors, discusses the best practices to get cloud-ready and reveals the latest leading-edge solutions to meet the cloud connectivity challenge.

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