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We are improving productivity, customer satisfaction scores and the customer experience delivered by the O2 call centre.

Our speech analytics solution is enabling O2 to analyse customer conversations in real-time, instilling confidence in business decisions.

What’s involved?

The speech analytics technology is making a difference to how O2 call centre staff work and in the service they provide. All voice calls are transcribed by the solution and queries can then be carried out via a keyword search or on a more complex level providing a deeper insight into customer discussions.

By mining the data, O2 can immediately identify trends and ensure their front line staff have access to the right information to support customers.


By providing an understanding why people are contacting the call centre at a greater level, the solution is achieving O2’s objectives of driving efficiencies, improved customer experience and increasing productivity.

Operationally it is supporting a personalised staff training programme as the solution is identifying trends and helping design unique programmes suited to particular advisors.

Overall the call centre service is transforming, achieving better outcomes with much more effective data and insight

What’s next?

As the solution has proven to be effective and is achieving increased customer satisfaction levels, it will be developed and implemented across other areas of the O2 business.

The call centre team will utilise the analytics as the team advances, continually improving on the customer experience.

Case study details

Customer: O2
Industry: Telecommunications
Solution: Customer Experience

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