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We manage the Belfast Heath and Social Care Trust’s on-site service desk, including support for IT in all hospitals and community centres across the city.  

What’s involved? 

The team resolves more than 100,000 service requests annually and operates during core hours of 8am to 6pm with Capita also providing an enhanced out of hours service, enabling a consistent level of service 24/7.  

As we lead on training staff and resource management, the trust's IT team can focus on service improvements to its end-users. In this time we have delivered a number of innovations, including launching a single sign on service for 30,000 clinicians in three additional trusts.

Case study details

Customer: Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Industry: Healthcare
Solution: Field and Support

22,000 healthcare professionals supported
95% customer satisfaction achieved
100,000 service requests resolved


A consistent customer satisfaction rate of more than 95% is being achieved through having in place a local support presence and leading with a proactive approach to the service.  

Communication and feedback to end-users is instant through an online portal and telephone. The team can also clearly identify trends, enabling improved response and resolution times.  

What’s next? 

The trust plan to extend on the core service to drive digital solutions that will automate and drive efficiencies, helping them to do more with less while continually improving healthcare services.

Solutions such as Business Intelligence to leverage health data and Cyber Security to ensure critical data is protected is at the forefront of plans.

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