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We have been supporting Energia Group (previously Viridian) with their IT for over 20 years. In 2010 we worked with them to successfully separate their backup services and secure 400 servers.

What’s involved

We handle, implement and maintain all backup solutions for Energia Group.

In 2010 Energia Group sold part of its group, creating a need to separate the business into two distinct operations. The backup service was one key element of the infrastructure needing to be separated.

As the two businesses were very closely linked, this was a challenging transition that we tackled successfully.

The project was carefully managed to reduce impact on users and eliminate downtime.

Case study details

Customer: Energia Group
Industry: Energy
Solution: IT Services

"We are confident Capita have the specialist expertise to support and eliminate any issues that should occur, ensuring loss of data is monitored and restored efficiently."

- Catherine Gardiner (CIO), Energia Group

The impact

  • The backup service ensures minimal disruption to service and restoration of data in an efficient manner.
  • Energia Group IT team freed up to focus on core business needs.
  • A range of backup policies in place ensures complete proactive monitoring of backups on a regular basis, reducing failures and improving overall user satisfaction.
  • Peace of mind that data is stored securely.
  • Reassurance that business critical information is backed up and can be restored consistently.

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