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We worked with Southampton City Council to undertake a digital transformation project, optimising their Agile Team.

The Council can now provide faster, more efficient services to both their employees and residents.

What’s involved?

Southampton City Council’s Agile team had been charged with delivering up to 170 user journeys. But they were struggling to deliver as their Scrum team was lacking clear focus and was operating separately from the business analysis.

We worked closely with the Scrum team to understand their perceived and actual blockers to delivering valuable business outcomes.

Our team successfully implemented Agile Scrum to empower multiple Scrum teams, each delivering 10 new business outcomes in two weekly Sprints successfully back to the Council to realise tangible real-world benefits in each case.

We put in place many best practice initiatives to support the Agile team including;

  • Assisting the team to define clear, agreed ‘Definitions of Ready.’
  • Helping the team to structure their work around an effectively managed Product Backlog by using rapid Sprint Planning sessions for team members to articulate, discuss and agree relative complexity of Stories.
  • Innovating with a combined Kanban-Scrum Methodology to enable the product backlog to reach a sustained flow and for decisions to be made just in time when the best business information was available.
  • Managing the Product Backlog via a Kanban board in Jira (when pulled into a Sprint each Story card is moved onto a physical white-board situated next to the Scrum team.)
  • Putting in place a full time Scrum Master be included in the team line-up to facilitate communication between capabilities within and without the Scrum team, to remove impediments identified.


  • Transformed delivery teams from delivering 0 Stories per sprint to 10 per sprint.
  • Potential to go live with business benefits every two weeks. 
  • Stakeholder buy-in to deliverables via the introduction of Behaviour-Driven Development.
  • Team ethos shifted from retroactively trouble-shooting to proactively seeking business stakeholders for successful first-time business benefits delivery.
  • Change now embraced by the team as something that is manageable and deliverable alongside pre-known Stories.




Case study details

Customer: Southampton City Council
Industry: Public Sector
Solution: Digital Transformation

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