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Hyde Housing manages 50,000 homes with more than 100,000 residents in London and the South East.

With an ambition to be one of the top five leaders in the housing sector by 2020, Hyde Housing is focused on generating increased revenue and a bigger surplus to enable it to reinvest into building more homes.

We worked alongside Hyde Housing to design and develop a new Business Process Improvement (BPI) capability to increase their operational efficiency.

What’s involved?

BPI looks holistically across multiple aspects of people, process and technology to find the real problems and deliver real workable solutions.

We worked closely with Hyde Housing to create a shared vision and purpose with the staff involved in a process. Workshops were run in a safe and trusted environment where individuals could speak openly to articulate the challenges and co-design solutions.

Fire Risk Assessments was the first process reviewed due to its high priority. Staff from across the organisation who touch the process at some stage were brought together in a series of short workshops.

In parallel, we supported Hyde Housing in the recruitment of its new BPI team to establish the capability within the organisation. Our whole system methods were then optimised to fit Hyde Housings context and, working together, the new tools and techniques were put into practice.

The new BPI team were able to start work on improving the property record processes (a high impact process which directly affects development, sales, lettings, finance, maintenance, compliance and disposals).

Using a series of short workshops involving people from across the business, the purpose and vision, problem statement and action plan were jointly created, agreed and were subsequently implemented.


Hyde Housings’ new Business Process Improvement capability is now in place with a well-defined, latest generation method at its heart combining; Lean, Systems Thinking and Change Management.

The BPI deployed in process reviews:

  • Improves quality while reducing risks in the business
  • Reduces the levels of additional work/re-work down to a minimum, lowering staff frustration levels
  • Ensures data quality at the front-end
  • Delivers one version of the truth providing confidence in the data
  • Enables high quality document and process controls to be put in place
  • Aids the development of automated reporting for data reconciliation and control
  • Delivers one accessible repository for all core documents relating to the management of properties
  • Saves time in carrying out day-to-day work
  • Saves resources needed to carry out the work
  • Introduces end-to-end ownership within key processes

Case study details

Customer: Hyde Housing Association
Industry: Housing
Solution: Business Transformation

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