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Haringey Sixth Form Centre delivers both academic and vocational courses to approximately 800 16-19 year old students, with support from 160 staff.  

Mailbox capacity was being reached, and the centre wanted to improve collaboration and the user experience. We delivered a solution that reduces the time spent managing mailboxes, improves collaboration, and delivers flexible storage. 

What’s involved? 

After completing an IT infrastructure audit, we identified a lack of email mailbox space for users. 

The centre was using a local virtual exchange server with mailboxes running on Exchange 2010. Low mailbox space meant that users would have to manually manage their mailboxes space, taking up their precious time. 

To solve this, we implemented a migration to Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based system which included email and calendar facilities with 50GB of storage per user and the use of the college domain name, and OneDrive with unlimited personal storage per user and features to share and edit files and documents. 

A Dirsync Server was installed, enabling the technical team to change user accounts in the Active Directory so specific credentials for Office 365 could be applied.

A migration file with the full list of accounts was extracted from the Active Directory and the team proceeded with the migration process for onsite mailboxes, licensed users and testing of Outlook clients. 

Our technical staff supported staff and students during the roll-out, and created guidance documents including instructions and tips.


Students and staff now have access to a much greater range of educational collaboration tools, allowing faster communication. 

The increased storage means less time is spent managing mailbox space, and learning resources, coursework, and project documents can be easily stored without worrying about capacity. 

Due to transitional changes being made over the weekend and the on-site support we provided during the go-live period, the migration was completed without issues and no disruption was caused to staff or students. 

What’s next? 

Partnering with Haringey Sixth Form Centre since 2012, we continue to deliver infrastructure support and improvement projects to enhance the learning experience and staff efficiencies.

Case study details

Customer: Haringey Sixth Form Centre
Industry: Education
Solution: Collaboration

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