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Our company is built on the calibre of our people... and we have the best people

 - Joe Hemming, EO, IT and Networks

At Capita, our customers trust us to be there for them, no matter what. And every day, our people go above and beyond to ensure our customers know they are our top priority. 

That's why our customers see us as essential, as a natural extension to their in house team, as experts who keep them on the front foot of digital change.

Find out more about the experts who make up our team - and what keeps them motivated every day.

"They're essential. I'd lose sleep at night without them."

 - Capita customer

Capita: A day in the life... 

I love a challenge... finding a new way to solve a problem, and make a real difference for our customers.

- Mark Lyness at Capita IT and Networks

Hear from our people

Capita IT and Networks employs over 4,000 people located across the UK and Ireland. 

We're a local presence with over 250 engineers on the road, providing hands on support to our customers, backed up by over 1,000 highly experienced, highly qualified technical specialists. 

Here, we focus on six key members of our team: Natalee, Mike, Shona, Phil, Alison and Naveen.

Find out more about their roles, day-to-day projects, and what's important to them.

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