Shona Nixon, Capita

The go to person who loves a challenge. We spoke to Shona about her role at Capita and what motivates her.

I see my role as having two distinct objectives, firstly to support and provision our strongest asset – our people -  and then enhance and improve the operation of our organisation. 

Risk and compliance plays a big part in both objectives.  Have you ever wondered 'why is compliance so important in our business operations?' My response to the question concerning the purpose of compliance is that it is ultimately for your own benefit. It allows you to work with peace of mind and security. I see it as my job to enlighten those employees who are unsure, as I feel it’s necessary to change such persons’ perspective. 

Compliance doesn’t have to be difficult. You do not have to memorise long and detailed legal provisions. Rather, you would be able to take the proper steps in 99% of situations just by understanding why laws and rules exist and the purpose behind such rules.  Applying compliance supports the company to prevent and detect violations of the rules and will safeguard employees from fines and lawsuits.  Our corporate compliance also lays out expectations for employee behaviour, helps our staff stay focused on the broader goals and helps operations run smoothly.

"Capita is about the people, the camaraderie and the connection that we all have within the areas that we work."

I feel my previous experience as a Delivery Manager has led me to appreciate how significant it is that we adapt to our client’s culture and their needs.  It is important to wrap what’s already in place for the client with our service, to enhance their experience. Make sure that we appreciate the challenges and understand the sensitivity of the marketplace. 

Due to the nature of our business we take on very diverse projects and programmes and work a lot for the government, the national health service and transport for London, which are big, well established organisations with their own levels of bureaucracy. Its increasingly important that our style is adaptive and responsive to their needs.

Quite often I receive an operational request from the business and its normally submitted with prefixed delivery conditions. It’s down to me and my team of business support executives to make sure that we listen, appreciate and understand what their requirement is.  Then make sure we support the service with a complimentary process and help deliver the requirements to the best of our ability with improvements.  We need to deliver on time and to budget, try and make sure we think outside the box and not be narrow minded about our approach.  Embrace the change.

To implement a good service, you need a great workforce and Capita has an abundance of talent.  I am in the fortunate position where I chair the Employee Engagement Group (EEG).  The EEG is supported by elected business representatives, who present success and challenges raised by their constituents.  With this information we can tackle problems and concerns before they become an issue and reduce the impact to our clients.   The EEG also generates fabulous ideas, which we convert into initiatives, which in turn promotes a happier workforce, for example 'rewards and recognition'.

Understanding our business, our culture, our people, appreciating what it is that they want to achieve in the future and then providing support for how they get there whilst ensuring the business also moves forward is one of my favourite purposes. My ambition is to remove the blockers, be flexible and communicate effectively. 

Internally I have become a one-stop shop, I’m a go to person if you’ve got any questions or fancy a moan.  I’m dedicated to my job and am driven by results, I also work from home, which sometimes makes it difficult to switch off.  I relish a challenge, which I think is crucial if you want to work for Capita. My job is stimulating and full of change, it’s diverse, and presents many different opportunities.  Every week I travel into London for meetings and love the interaction of a face to face, particularly with our clients.  Rarely do I have a dull day. 

Capita is about the people, the camaraderie and the connection that we all have within the areas that we work. I think that there is a real sense of unity and that we will pull together to make something work. We’re a hard-working team that is prepared to roll our sleeves up and not shy away from the problem. I think that’s one of the best things about working for Capita.

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