Mike Sander, Capita

A self confessed 'jack of all trades,' Mike has a diverse role, overseeing a talented community of people delivering IT transformation. We spoke to Mike to find out more;

I lead a team of very clever people, almost like the orchestrator of it. We’re based all over the UK and Northern Ireland, so we're quite widespread. 

A proportion of my time is spent working with the wider Capita business to do things like IT road-mapping and strategy work with the clients.   

Everybody's looking for some kind of technological change, whether that's to underpin changes in the business model, or to drive futures, so we run a lot of projects and programmes and people who do that for our clients.

One of the good things about working for Capita, is it provides that opportunity to move around, so working in different types of verticals, with loads of different clients and being exposed to lots of different types of opportunities.

Capita does give you a huge breadth of experience if you want it, as well as if you want to go into one of those verticals or a specific area, you can have the depth as well. 

"Great customer service means that it's a great working environment for everyone"

I just love the variability of all the things that I'm exposed to really.  There are not many people that could one day be doing some technical governance, the next day selling a business or involved in selling a business for millions of pounds and then the next day working in a team to generate a new cutting edge sales proposal or service.  So, it's nice to be able to 'have our fingers in all those pies', so it's great.

We're working with the teams to modernise their skill-sets, to help them to understand not just how we're changing the way in which we deliver IT, but how people want to deliver IT.  And sometimes that's a cultural change and not just a skills change.

"We are there to solve problems. Discuss what is achievable, rather than doing it behind an email"

The best part of my day at the minute is when I see new business and new opportunities coming in.  Because that gives us the chance to do something new, solve a new problem, and meet new people - and I think that's really, really important, especially given the industry that we're in.     

Customers know we solve their problems, so particularly in the team that I run and the interactions that I have, we are there to solve problems or take them to their new operated model, what they aspire to because you can have that frank conversation about what you wanna do, what is achievable, and any concerns or risks in doing that.  And I think it's a better environment to collaborate in that fashion, rather than doing it just behind an email, or something like that. 

Great customer service means that it's a great working environment for everyone, it's recognition of your efforts for coming in and working hard, and I do believe everybody comes into work to work hard, and that's the importance of it. 

The difference here at Capita is, and I suspect a lot of people say it, it is the people, and it's always been the people.

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